The 64 projects below were developed by teachers and students of Fundação Torino (a Italian-Portuguese bilingual school) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil under the supervision of Just CODING, in the subjects of Art, English, History/Geography, Italian, Math, Music, Physical Education, Portuguese, Religion, Science and Spanish. The project started in July of 2016 and involves more than 20 teachers and 700 students for a period of three years.


Click on the image to see them in SCRATCH (SCRATCH Jr. projects might not be available).

Year Five (SCRATCH)

Year Six (SCRATCH)

Year Seven (SCRATCH)

Year Eight (SCRATCH)

Year One (SCRATCH Jr. )

  • P1 Animal Names (Tablet) - English
  • P2 Fall, Winter, Summer and Autumn (Scratch Jr.) - History/Geography Italian and Brazilian
  • P3 Catch (Scratch Jr.) - P.E. 
  • P4 Algarisms (Scratch Jr.) - Math
  • P5 Days of the Week (Scratch Jr.) - History, Geography Italian and Brazilian

Year Two (SCRATCH Jr. and SCRATCH)

Year Three (SCRATCH)

Year Four (SCRATCH)