The 64 projects below were developed by teachers and students of Fundação Torino (a Italian-Portuguese bilingual school) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil under the supervision of Just CODING, in the subjects of Art, English, History/Geography, Italian, Math, Music, Physical Education, Portuguese, Religion, Science and Spanish. The project started in July of 2016 and involves more than 20 teachers and 700 students for a period of three years.


Click on the image to see the project in SCRATCH (OBS: some SCRATCH Jr. projects might not be available).

Year Five (SCRATCH)

Year Six (SCRATCH)

Year Seven (SCRATCH)

Year Eight (SCRATCH)

Year One (SCRATCH Jr. )

  • P1 Animal Names (Tablet) - English

  • P2 Fall, Winter, Summer and Autumn (Scratch Jr.) - History/Geography Italian and Brazilian

  • P3 Catch (Scratch Jr.) - P.E.

  • P4 Algarisms (Scratch Jr.) - Math

  • P5 Days of the Week (Scratch Jr.) - History, Geography Italian and Brazilian

Year Two (SCRATCH Jr. and SCRATCH)

Year Three (SCRATCH)

Year Four (SCRATCH)