creating apps
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. How do I write on the screen of my APP? (vídeo)

  2. How can I see my APP on my phone and share with my friends? (vídeo)

  3. How do I create an APP with two screens and a button to change screens? (vídeo) ou (App example)

  4. Creating a Valentine Card (video in English)


  1. Creating a 3 Screen App:

    a. First, you need to read the Guide on how to make a “My 3 Favorite…” APP.

    b. Second, you have to complete your Planning Guide.

    c. Then you need to ask a friend to review it using the Peer Review Rubric.

    d. Finally, watch the videos below and start creating your APP:

  2. Creating a Mad Libs App:

    a. Watch the video that explains how to use the content of a textInput box and create this first example.

    b. A Mad Libs is a game where you write some words to fill the blanks in a text. Watch the video on how to create a Mad Libs game using this example: “I have an _____ (animal) at my _______ (place). I like to ______ (verb) with it on Sundays. It loves to eat _________ (food).”

    c. Create your Mad Libs! You can create your own phrases, and make it really funny!


  1. How can I use an Slider to change an image on the screen? (video in English)
    OBS: To complete this task you will need 5 images of emojis, you can use this, this, this, this and this.